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    Default Tank Construction materials.

    We are getting 2 5 ton 6x6's from the Forestry Service to make into brush trucks/tankers. The specs are as follows:

    Tank: 1000 gallons with 10" newton dump valves, 3" hydrant fill, 3" outlet

    Pump: Waterous 2515 18 hp or Hale HPX200 18 hp

    They will have hose beds dump tanks and some storage compartments. We are looking at different kinds of materials for the tanks. The poly tanks are too high for our budget so we have been looking at fiberglass and stainless steel. How well do the fiberglass tanks hold up in offroad conditions. I know stainless steel is heavier, but they look like they are cheaper than fiberglass.

    Also I would like input on the two pumps. We currently run the Waterous pumps but have looked at the Hale pumps. Their performance looks better than the Waterous. Local dealer sells Hale.

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    Why spend $? I suggest you get your forester to obtain 2ea surplus fuel pods. Regularily available thru DOD surplus channel (at a trickle). Also easy to get from surplus dealers if you don't want to wait.

    600 gal aluminum, newer tanks are baffled (verify, older tanks are not baffled) sufficient to meet NFPA. Manhole on top so easy to get into for mods (such as additional baffles). Drain is 4" Fitted with a combination assembly "stopper" valve/elbow/reducer to 2" camlock. Remove the entire thing and replace with a 4" elbow hooked to your pump suction. Quick and easy (and cheap). Tanks have integal skids with locking lugs which lock multi tanks end to end. Tiedowns at all top and bottom corners for easy to chain down. Excellent piece of kit.

    We threw together a trailer rig this summer for temp wildland use while we build up a truck rig (Air Force IH 1854 4x4). We are mounting tank crosswise. Skid length is approx 60", 70" wide.

    I will try to post a photo.
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