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    Default Finally hired! And an important question....

    Got the call today, I'm hired at Dream Dept, conditional on pysch and pre-employment physical. Yay me!!!!

    Here's my concern. I'm not a little girl, and I do weigh rather more than recommended for my height. On the other hand, I'm am very fit for a chick my size, jog 4-5 days a week, weights 3 days a week, don't smoke, etc. Plus it wasn't an issue at the oral interview obviously, cuz they hired me after seeing me and my size anyway.

    Are there depts who consider things like BMI and weight-proportionate-to-height in pre-employment physicals? If this one does, I'll be frank, I'm screwed. I did pass a pre-employment physical for my current job (contract firemedic), with treadmill test, etc. but they didn't consider BMI.


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    Some places do use BMIs, some don't.

    But to be honest, I'd be more concerned about the pysch than the physical if I were you. There's nothing you can do in a short period of time to prepare for a physical, but you can prepare for the pysch test.

    I'm not saying that I think you're crazy (I'm sure your not- otherwise you wouldn't have made it past the oral boards), but I have seen lots of good people fail pysch tests. Many of these tests are flawed, and many people have lost their dream job simply because the test they took used the general population (not the fire service) as the standard, or because the people giving the tests were inexperienced with such tests.

    I believe captain Bob (eatstress.com) has some good info about pysch tests. He might have some info about pre-employment physicals as well.

    Good luck!

    And congratulations!

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