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    Lightbulb Junior and Explorer Advisors

    In my department I am going to be taking over the Junior program with a recent rise in the junior membership. I was a junior in this department when I was 15 til I turned 18. I was curious if departments with junior programs do a monthly training night or instructional days where you learn fire equipment and help bring the member into the department to be a regular member after they turn 18 with knowlegde skills

    Thank You

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    We have training on Monday and Wednesday right now, and that's our EMS training for First Responder. Wednesday afternoons/evenings before FR class starts, we have 2 hours of other training.

    This has been discussed before. Do a search.

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    Thumbs up New Explorer Post over here

    We are currently in the process of changing from a semi-formal Cadet program to an official Explorer Post. The Explorers have weekly trainings. The department also has weekly trainings, on a different night, and they are open to the Explorers also. Many of the Explorers attend both of them.

    Our station is manned weekdays and the Explorers can stop by the station to review the trucks and equipment.

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    Im glad to hear we have another advisor to help at a post. Here at my cadet post we meet once a week with the two advisors and usually 1-3 other FF's from out department. We take one of our engines and do training just as we were in the department without the "live fire" part. We do trainings occassionally with the department on that one night if something is going on or we do our own thing. We meet once a week on wednesday nights and every member trains with the company they will be joining another day of the week. So our cadets get 2 days of training a week. Good luck!
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    check out www.rossfordfire.com ..........click on the explorer page.
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    We have 1 lead advisor and 3 other advisors (me being one of them) for the post in our department. Almost all of us went through the program so that helps too.

    We usually have 1 or 2 Explorer Drill's a month. We don't need to have more because the explorers are allowed to attend and participate in the 2 or 3 senior company drills per month. We used to have meetings once a month but there was really no point. Now we just have one big meeting every two or three months to discuss big issues.

    In the summer, we tend to skip a few explorer drills. It is pointless because everyone is always in various states of vacation. They still come to the senior drills but we just don't schedule regular explorer drills unless something comes up that we need to do.

    Remember, if it is an "EXPLORER" post through the boy scouts, you are required to have two adults present at any meeting or drill.
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