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    Default Equipment Delivery Delays

    In our grant, we were awarded money to purchase an air compressor and accesories. We ordered in May, and our vendor advised us the unit will not be delivered until mid November, possibly not until the end of that month. Our performance period expires Oct. 15. I have not contacted FEMA yet, and I don't anticipate any problems as far as money goes, as we can always pay for the unit before it is delivered. Has anyone had any experiences such as this? What was your guidance that FEMA gave you?

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    Advise FEMA of the delayed delivery date of the equipment. They may require a copy of P.O. or something since it will be after the performance period, but they won't have a problem with it. With all of the money flying around, lots of things are backordered. I figure that's a good thing, people are getting what they need.

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