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    Does anyone know and/or understand how retirement on disability works. If you have a physical limitation due to injury and drs. recommend you not be a firefighter anymore, is retirement on disability possible? And if so, what does it mean exactly? Where does money come from then if you have to quit your job? Please excuse my ignorance and I should probably call someone to answer these questions, but I wanted to get a feel from here before I ask around. Thanks, b-safe!

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    Cap, it's my experience up here in our neck of the woods that someone has the ability to retire early at a lesser pension. If the injury was job-related, then workman's comp would be involved as well as an expected case-specific judgment about retirement benefits (probably a supplement income of the remaining time till "normal" retirement of 20 or 25 years). Now, it may also be possible to have workman's compensation for the balance of a 20 year career until retirement kicks in, and then any remaining medical expenses from the injury would continue to be paid by the municipality. Best of luck with this situation
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    The rules concdern diability retirements vary greatly from stste to state. My advice would be to speak with your local/county retirement board.

    In Massachusetts, if you have to retire from the job on an injury that results in a permanent disablilty, you get 72% of your salary tax free for the rest of your life, subject to recall physicals. Every once in a while , a Mutt will get a hair across his/her butt and ask to have IOD retirees re-evaluated. One of our Police officers was recalled after being off the force due to IOD retirement for 10 years. He went out IOD again for a heart attack after 2 years... but he got 72% of the his salary again with 10 years worth of pay increases.
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    Default In N.Y. state

    We Have 2 types for firefighters

    1 Performance of duty disability..Job related..You recieve full pay for life subject to recall physicals. You are also not allowed to hold any other employment while on a PODD. The city can also require you to perform light duty service if they get a hair across there arse..they try to make you a doorstop

    2 Regular duty disability..not related to the job...You recieve 1/2 pay and can hold another job not related to Fire or EMS...city always trys to put you out on RDD but the pension board has the final say
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