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    Default Is there anything in the works like this for NY state?

    I was written up the other day for being late to work after being on a call all morning..


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    You have to remember that your career and family come before the volunteer fire service. Your job depends on your being there at a certain time to perform a certain task. Same with you family. They depend on you being there for them. Unfortunately, a lot of guys forget this and their overwhelming dedication to the volunteer fire service destroys their marriage. With that said, there are times when a call will go out in the morning and you think you'll be back in time to make it to work on time. Luck has it that the call runs longer than you think and you end up late for work. I can understand an employer getting ****ed if this happens frequently, but if it only happens once in a blue moon then it's understandable. When I was a volunteer firefighter, I had the luxury of working for my volunteer fire chief.

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    Unfortunately, a lot of guys forget this and their overwhelming dedication to the volunteer fire service destroys their marriage.

    IMHO, the great majority of these the marriage is already on the rocks, you can just insert "firehouse/bar/golf course/work" for any number of places people will go and "hide" from their spouse.
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    Here in Connecticut, it is against the law for your workplace to take any kind of disiplinary action on you if you are a volunteer in your town and are late to work due to a call. You need to have a letter sent to your supervisor by the Chief. I would check the statues and legislature in Ny to see if you have anything like that to protect you.

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    Was your attendance already a problem and it was a timing issue?
    In other words; were you going to be disciplined prior to you missing work that morning?
    See; I have advised our state legislature on many fire service issues and what this law does is to protect a firefighter from being singled out.
    The bill does not protect the firefighter who has a poor attendance record regardless.
    Now; don't think for a minute that I am accusing you of having a poor attendance record. I don't know your situation. But you need to make certain that you were targeted and that you were disciplined for this particular occurrence.
    We also know that if an employer wants to terminate an employee, they will find something!
    Though I am a firm believer and supporter of businesses who allow firefighters to leave work to respond to calls and businesses who support firefighters who will be reporting late due to a call, but if the employer does not allow for either, that is their right as a business owner.
    You have two choices; respond to calls and jeopardize your employment status or find a job that allows for volunteers who respond to calls and clearly suppport it.
    You could move to Illinois as well!
    Best of luck in any event.
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    I think that NY allready does have a law about that allready, I think it says that you cant be penalized for being late to fight a fire. I know that it is also worked into my contract at work, but it specifys only fires, not just any call.
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