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    Darn it, a thread I actually have something to contribute to, and the WT shuts it down. Oh well, here goes my attempt at extending the discussion on 2Qs and CDLs. My history is as follows with the situation. I got my license to drive trucks before there was a so-called CDL. It was just called a plain old class 2 license. Class 1's were for tractor trailers, and class 3's were for regular cars. The vehicle I used to get my class 2 license? A 1983 Mack CF pumper, from the department I was a vollie in at the time. Once I got that, I was able to get a job driving a truck for a chemical company, go figure. While I was working there, the CDL came into being. Anyone with a truck license who wished to keep it that way had to take the written, no skills test, as we had already passed the skills test when we got our class 1 or 2. (BTW, when I took the CDL written, I had to take the endorsements for air brakes and haz mat then, back in the day.) Now, assuming that the state does away with the 2Q, I would imagine that if you wanted to get a CDL, a fire truck would once again be acceptable, as it classifies as a heavy truck. So, in retrospect, departments that want their member to be properly licensed should just require their members to get CDL's, and as an added bonus, now those who pass can get a job as a truck driver elsewhere instead of being restricted to just fire trucks. Win-win. Do the training at night or weekends and arrange a weekend test as before with a DMV inspector. Simple. OK, talk to yas later.
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    Originally posted by lieutleroy140
    I would imagine that if you wanted to get a CDL, a fire truck would once again be acceptable
    One would only hope...
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