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    Default Please explain this

    ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (AP) -- ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (AP) -- A driver who failed to see two firefighters behind a fire truck backed over them, killing one and sending the other to the hospital.

    Veteran firefighter David Vinisky, 49, of Raccoon Township, was pronounced dead shortly after he was hit by the fire truck Wednesday evening at the Beaver County township's fire station, said Beaver County Deputy Coroner Wayne Tatalovich Jr.

    The other firefighter, Jim Davidson, was treated at Aliquippa Community Hospital for cuts and bruises and released, said Raccoon police Sgt. Michael Anderson.

    Anderson said the person driving the pumper truck was trying to back it into the fire station's garage and did not see Vinisky nor Davidson.

    It was unclear what they were doing behind the truck or why they did not move as the truck neared them, Anderson said.

    Firefighters blocked off the area around the station and declined to comment.

    Raccoon Township is about 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

    I am at a loss as to why this is considered LODD. Can someone please explain it to me? As far as I know this guy was taking pictures of the apparatus and got run over. Does the fact that the pictures were supposed to go on the FD's website justify this as a LODD?

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    you know George ...........til you mentioned something I never even gave that a thought ......kinda weird, and uhm no I dont have a good answer for you.
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    With all due respect, this thread will be closed. If you folks want to talk about the dos and donts of backing apparatus, vehicle safety, etc. that is fine, but this individual was a member of the department in question for 30 years, was IN the station performing something fire department related, and was run over by fire apparatus.

    A tragic accident, no doubt, but questioning why a member of a fire department killed at the firehouse in a horrible accident is a line of duty death isn't going to be discussed here just after he is buried. Again, with all due respect ... to you, and him.

    This was a lifelong member of the department in question, not just some 'guy' taking photos for their web site. Would it be different had he been painting the yellow line, sweeping the floor, fixing a tailight?

    Let's discuss ways to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again ... not question why a firefighter killed in his firehouse in any accident is considered a line of duty death.


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