Went to the light and fight at IFSI in Champaign yesterday. What a great day of training. There were five of us from my dept. and it was a great opportunity for us to get experience of working togather. A big "attaboy" to Fish and all the instructors and stokers for a great day. For anyone who doesn't know about this program, it is part of the cornerstone program at IFSI. Several times throughout the year they have the light and fights. On the schedualled day they set up several scenerios which you go through as a group. And the best part is that it is FREE training as part of the cornerstone program, which is great if your department is like mine and has a training budget of $0. Also in the cornerstone program IFSI will send instructors to your department to do training with your equipment also for free, you just have to open the training up to neighboring departments and have 15 people there. They also do the light and fights at the regional training centers around the state. For more information go to the IFSI website at www.fsi.uiuc.edu . Thanks again to all the instructors for taking the time to give us such good training and I am looking forward to the next light and fight in Champaign in October.