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    Default Fire captain fights with cops,as son gets arrested.

    By Erica Noonan, Globe Staff,

    A Needham fire captain accused of assaulting a Needham police offcer during the arrest of the captain's son has filed a criminal complaint of his own, contending that he was manhandled and spit upon by police offcers during the incident.

    The complaint against Needham police offcers Shawn Ryan and Loren Stead, filed in Dedham District Court last week, alleges that the officers grabbed Captain William Byrnes, threw him to the ground, and kneed him in the back of the head.

    An attorney for Needham's police union called the complaint `nonsense.'

    `This is an attempt by Captain Byrnes to create some leverage on his own behalf and wage a public relations campaign," said Brian Rogal, who represents Ryan and Stead.

    `He is embarrassed by his own conduct and is trying to claim that the police officers did something wrong."

    The Feb. 10 scuffe on Ellis Street started after Ryan pulled over 20-year-old Timothy Byrnes and a friend on suspicion of marijuana possession. The younger Byrnes initially refused to be handcuffed and used his cellphone to call his father, who arrived at the scene in a Fire Department pickup truck.

    The elder Byrnes and Ryan argued about the fate of the Byrnes family Honda sedan, which contained a small amount of marijuana and was still being searched, according to police reports.

    Police said that when Ryan tried to block Byrnes from entering the car, the fire captain shoved the officer out of the way. Both men fell to the pavement, fighting, and Stead eventually helped Ryan subdue and handcuff Byrnes. But Byrnes says that he only approached the car to see if his son was inside, and that Ryan and Stead escalated the situation.

    Ryan grabbed Byrnes while Stead elbowed him in the jaw, the captain said. The officers then allegedly forced Byrnes to the ground and wrenched his arm backward.

    "I yelled that my arm couldn't go back any further, that I'm a 58-year-old man and my arm wouldn't bend any more," Byrnes wrote in his own account of the fight. "They cuffed both hands behind my back as tight as the cuffs would go, while forcing my head into the asphalt.

    "I kept yelling that I have never been humiliated or treated like this in my life, it's a disgrace. . . . Ofgcer Ryan told me to act like a [expletive] man."

    `Captain Byrnes had no business being on the scene, and no business interfering with the police offcers. No one has the right to come down and get in the way of police business," Rogal said.

    Needham's Board of Selectmen has asked Town Administrator Kate Fitzpatrick to conduct a formal investigation into the incident. She said a civil service hearing on the matter would probably be scheduled within the next two weeks.
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    You know I normally wouldnt have posted being it a personal matter but it is a department issue now cause of this:
    The younger Byrnes initially refused to be handcuffed and used his cellphone to call his father,who arrived at the scene in a Fire Department pickup truck.
    1. Shame on the PD for this huge mistake ----ok last time I checked cops didnt ask if you wanted to be cuffed or not.
    2. If he had time to reach for a cellphone, he had time to reach for a gun.
    Now shame on this guy for useing a department vehicle to go fight with the cops and for personal use, for fighting with the cops and refuseing to follow lawful orders.

    I bet its going to be tense in Needham since PD and FD share the same building.

    Thanks capt Byrnes for another black eye.
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    Hopefully everyone will that the stupidity is centered around this bozo Capt and his dumb son. The rest of the FD had nothing to do with it.
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    Why dont we wait until the case is settled, all truth comes out before you start slinging s***
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    Why dont we wait until the case is settled, all truth comes out before you start slinging s***
    1 - no further articles will be written about this so we won't find out.

    2 - reports are most likely from the officer's written reports.

    3 - a firefighter of any rank has NO right to be on the scene of a traffic stop unless usmmoned by the police.

    4 - the Captain was on duty.

    Now if all of the above is true:

    The Captain gets a few weeks suspension for conduct unbecoming, potentially a demotion (I prefer both) from the city and the fire department.

    From the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: the Captain gets probation at the very least for assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, interfering with a police officer's duties, and just for good measure he gets it for being a twit.

    The Feb. 10 scuffe
    I would like to know why 6 1/2 months have passed since the incident before anyone hears about alleged misconduct by a police officer or a fire Captain.
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    I'm with you 90% Shark.

    The Captain gets fired becuse he committed multiple felonies while on duty.

    1. Assault on a police officer
    2. Resisting arrest
    3. Obstruction of Justice
    4. Official Misconduct

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    Post Well.......

    Originally posted by CaptainMikey
    Why dont we wait until the case is settled, all truth comes out before you start slinging s***
    Well, in America, you are (Allegedly) innocent until proven guilty, but, there are additional things that are publicly acknowledged, such as making a Cell Phone call, Arriving in a FD Pickup, Etc. that are not up for debate in a Court of Law, They're Fact. They're also Stupid. Reach down and yank something out of your pocket here, You're a dead man. Period. Been there, seen that. That this Captain has a bunch of problems is quite evident, and I feel for him. As several have said, he could be seeing the end of his career approach, rapidly. That the Cops knew who, and what, they were looking for also speaks for itself. Maybe I should just say that if one of my kids was stopped and busted for possession, they know better than to call me. This is, by my standards, a small town where everyone has to get along and work together. There is a great deal of damage control to be done here. I'm not saying that this couldn't happen in my area, but the chances are a lot less, largely because of the working (and fraternal) relationships that have existed for many years between Police and Fire. We're all here to provide services to the public, and the public wins, big time, when we're all working together.
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    Wow......... I think this Capt. will be lucky if he keeps his job.......

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