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    Default 1199a but still no questions

    Hello to all I'm new here and I wanted to say Thank you all for all of the info.. It has been a big help..we got our 1199a on august 5th and then a confirmation on the 12th that they accepted it, but we still haven't gotten the 10 question that everyone has been getting... we are an all vol. fire dept. who doesn't have any body that we have to answer to just the dept. this is our first year applying for the federal grant and are my nerves fired. does anyone out there know if everyone gets the 10 questions.. any help would be greatful... we applyed for new scba's complete set of turnout gear wildland gear, and a thermal imaging camera.
    thanks again to all congrates to all who recieved the grant and so sorry to all who got dear john letters and as always all are in my prayers each night.

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    You are in. FEMA will not go to the trouble of getting you to send an 1199a if you are not in.

    There is no set time frame or sequence for questions & 1199a. Some get questions first and get the 1199a almost immediately. Others get them in the opposite order, a longer time apart, or whatever.
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    I would agree that you will be awarded the grant. I managed two for our dept. FY2002 and FY2003. We got the 10 questions about 3-4 weeks before we recieved notificaton of our awards. We never got the 1199a in the mail we printed it off the web site once we recieved the notification of the award. It seems everyone has had a slightly different experience. But I wouldn't think that they would have gotten you the direct deposit form if you weren't going to receive any deposits.

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