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    Default Legendary alarm boxes: Got one?

    Below is taken from the history of the Louisville (KY) Fire Department. Does anyone else have a box that is famous for bad fires?

    On November 13, 1886, tragedy again struck the Division of Fire. Joseph Connell was killed at the fire at Robinson Brothers Fire at Sixth and Main Streets. A cistern that he was pumping out of exploded. The fire alarm box was number 48. This fire alarm box was to achieve the title of "Fatal 48", because three years later on September 15, 1889, five firemen were killed by a falling wall. Two more firemen were injured, Dennis McGrath and Frank Bess. Records show that Frank Bess was sent to an "Insane Asylum" due to the injuries he sustained at the fire. Dennis McGrath died two years later of his injuries. The fire was at the Bauberger Bloom Company at Seventh and Main.

    On December 8, 1891, at Box 48, a falling wall at the Boone Paper Store fire killed four more firemen at Seventh and Main Street. On December 9, 1981, seven girls and one man burned to death at a fire at Frank H. Minna on Main between Fifth and Sixth Streets, Box 48. On November 9, 1897, fireman Charles A. Boos was killed after being run over by the Water Tower at Sixth and Main Street responding to a fire call.

    Between the years of 1887 and 1950, a period of sixty three years, there were thirty-one third alarm fires hit on Box 48, Sixth and Main Streets. This Alarm Box has been on the same corner since this type of alarm system was installed. It was the twenty-first fire alarm box installed in the City.
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    FDNY box 8087
    Worcester box 1438
    Hackensack box 1177

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