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    Question Training Maze

    I'm looking for different ideas about building a confined space training maze. I have a 20x20 square foot area to work with and want to be able to change the format of it. Something that would be like a structual collapse. If anyone has built anything like this and has advive to share I would appreciate it.

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    Default Tradenet

    I'm sure you'll find a lot of good info in the replies here, but another great resource is the Tradenet Newsletter sponsored by the USFA. It comes out weekly and has over 6000 subscribers. You can send in your question and get direct feedback. It's free and can be joined at the link below. Kevin

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    Contact someone here at LSU Fire & Emergency Training Institute. They have a portable model, built in a semi trailer, that they travel with for a Saving Our Own class. It's got lots of great entanglement, collapse, and reduced-profile maneuvers to negotiate. I've never actually gone through it, but I've seen it. They tell me it takes most of your SCBA bottle to get through it, and some guys don't get through it even then. Maybe they've got some pics or plans of it. It's fairly low-budget, just plywood and 2x4's.

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