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    Default Thank You Zill Miller !

    Thank you Zill Miller "the 2 senators from Massachusetts" my sentiments exactly.. and thanks for giving Chris Mathews a little lesson on respect. .. Ha!
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    I thought it was an excellent speech. I think he was, shall we say, quite upset? He has long stated that he did not leave the Democratic party, it left him. I believe he is right.

    Many of his points were dead on - regardless of politics. Look at the facts of his speech and try to counter them.

    He does not care whether people like him or not, does not care that those in his party call him a traitor (please explain to me how that is?), or anything else.

    Why can he not support a Republican even if he is a democrat? This is a right that he has as an American citizen. I guess it is OK for Jimm Jeffords to leave the Republican party, but not OK for Zell Miller to support a Republican. How rediculous is that? How hipocritical is that? Party of inclusion and diversity - I think not.
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    As Dick Cheney stated, I'm glad Zell Miller is on our side.

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    Is it just me or is Miller raealy the ONLY democrate that has not lost all respect, sence of wright and wrong, touch with reality, and respect for our Nation.

    And above all else, I think Zill is the only Democrate left with a measure of decency.

    I dont follow political party BS, I care only for the issues.

    But, the democratic party has made true *** of itself over the last few years...
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