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    I was just looking at an FDNY website with runs and workers posted for the year 2003, it said that ladder company 111 operated at 500 and some Occupied Structural workers "OSW." does that mean they worked at over 500 working fires "10-75's?" just curious, thanks for the help, be safe

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    Roughly yes that is what it means. However there are many things that qualify as OSWs.

    Everything from Food on the Stove fires to a 5th alarm and everthing in between.

    Most are your typical 10-75 or All-Hands job.


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    Most are your typical 10-75 or All-Hands job.

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    Hey that a bit of Cross-Brooklyn ball busting going on???

    Our Borough; Tower Hamlets is the busiest of the 33 Boroughs in the LFB...there are six Stations of which F22 Poplar is generally the busiest followed closely by F26 Bethnal Green.

    Bethnal green have been running like crazy for the past 6 months (including the tragic incident where 2 Brothers from F33 Whitechapel were killed in July) while we at Poplar have been quieter than usual.

    This has made a big impact on the ball busting stakes...easpecialy with my Guys standing by (re-locating) to cover while they are on jobs. I daresay unless we go mad in the last three months of the year they are gonna take the 'honours' this year.

    They seem to be picking up make-ups (Multi Alarm) jobs every week. I am getting hammered by their Station Commander at each Monthly Borough Commanders meeting!!!

    Mmmm?? Maybe I should get the Guys to start sending Code 1's (OWS) for all of the Code 2's (Rubbish, Grass & Auto fires)
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    'Irony'... It's a British thing.

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    Did he say "All Hands Jobs'? ........ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
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