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    Default Command/Rescue Vehicles

    Any ideas or examples of a vehicle that could serve in the following....

    Use by IC and related staff for managing extended (several hours up to several days) search and rescue operations in remote areas. Vehicle must have enclosed, walk-in compartment w/built in workspaces for laying out maps, setting up laptops (1 or 2), managing radio communications and generally coordinating operations. The enclosed space must be flexible enough to use in inclement weather (hot and cold) day or night. No provisions for overnight accomodations or restroom facilities are needed.

    Also - vehicle must have sufficient storage spaces/cabinents to carry various technical rescue equipment - focusing on rope rescue only (no extrication equipment needs). This would include ropes (approx. 2400 feet in various configurations), 2 litters (may be nested), litter wheel, HT radios (~16), BLS rescue pack, 2 spare jumbo "D" oxygen cylinders.

    Preference is for a 4x4 configuration and one that is compatible with use in remote, off-highway locations in mountainous terrain (so no tractor trailers.....). Pref. is also for a crew or extended cab set-up.

    We've been thinking about a modified wildland FFing crew carrier as a concept/starting point. Any thoughts, links, mfg'rs would be great! Feel free to reply here or PM me.


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    These guys do this all the time I would highly suggest them.

    You would probally want a big 4x4 chassis as a platform such as an f450 or 550 crew.

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    Default Details?


    While there are tons of people out there that do this type of work, maybe a couple squestions?

    How "large" a chassis are we talking here? The "1 ton" style 4x4's as K1500 mentions would offer a farily limited "platform" area for the body installation and work stations/conference areas. The range for these chassis's is $32-$42,000.


    The next jump is like the International or Freightliner style 4x4. Those run in the range of $65-$85,000. Mostly driven by horsepower desired.



    Third would be something like the Spartan MountainStar or Advantage 4x4. These would be in the $95-$125,000 range.


    Fourth would be your favorite body builders (Pierce, E-One, KME, ALF, etc.) own custom built cab and chassis. These would normally run $135-$195,000. Here is an example of one by E-One.


    I guess the other big question is the overall size envisioned and also a dart at the wall estimed cost of the total vehicle budget? The sky is endless, but what kind of punishment can your Visa Gold card endure?

    Hopefully the links shed a little light on whats out there to load this command body on and if you share more, there are a bunch of other things I could post to help, but need more info. Hope to hear more of the details.

    Stay safe and Good Fishing!


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    Seems like you've got some unique requirements for a "Command" vehicle. I'd suggest also looking at SVI Trucks in Colorado. They've built a number of Command Vehicles for FD and PD's on both Custom and Commercial cab and chassis's.

    I knew of a FD that was wanting a Batt Chief van that could act as the initial IC vehicle and was based on a Ford F450-550 cab and chassis in a 2 or 4 door with a 16 ft. body with RH side walkin with 2 work stations etc. It has the cold weather/hot weather package (Heaters-A/C) and PTO generator to run the computers, lighting etc.

    You could expand upon this layout to add what you want with a larger cab and chassis (Navistar or FL, or GMC, Ford etc.) as I think the Custom chassis is too much $ for the use and application

    Go to svitrucks.com or contact them at 1 888 784 1112 and ask for Bob Sorenson.

    You can check out their website and see a number of IC vehicles that they've built for such agencies a Dallas, Fort Worth FD's etc.

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