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    Default this sucks ...........

    Illinois Town Is Laying Off Firefighters

    Associated Press

    CAIRO, Ill. (AP) -- The Cairo Fire Department will soon be out of work.

    Mayor Paul Farris said the southern Illinois city is laying off its five firefighters because of a tight budget. The positions were created just four months ago.

    Fire Chief Brandon Manker said the department will operate on a pay-by-call volunteer basis after Sept. 30 and he will be its only full-time employee. Cutting the firefighters will save the city about $190,000 in salaries.

    Manker said there could be a time when no one is available to respond to a fire because volunteer firefighters, unlike on-call workers, aren't required to stay within city limits. Firefighters also probably won't be able to respond to fires as fast once the layoffs happen.

    ``First, (the firefighters) will have to get here, and then we have to get to the fire,'' Manker said. He said the department handles about 350 calls a year, and last year there were about 25 structure fires in the department's district.

    The mayor said the Cairo Auxiliary Fire Department and other nearby fire departments will continue to help the town. Farris, who announced the decision at a community meeting Tuesday, said residents will still be safe.

    ``Of course the citizens will be concerned about change,'' Farris said. ``But we're not leaving the city without fire protection. Brandon Manker is a highly qualified professional who can lead this department as a paid-on-call fire department.''

    Manker said Cairo's population of only a few thousand people makes it hard to justify having too many full-time firefighters.

    Despite the fire department layoffs, Farris said he has no intention of laying off police officers.

    Three streets department employees also were laid off with the firefighters
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    Yeah, this sucks, but I can understand the city's side, too. Cairo is in about the worst economic area of Illinois. I don't know how they've survived this long. 5 firefighters have been laid off, but I'm sure that the on call system will work for them. We're a different breed of people and those FFs will still protect the citizens even though it's not their full time job. Hopefully they'll find the cash to hire them back.
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    Ya just hate to see progress get lost. Of course many of us are biased about the need for full time employment, but we're talking about critical time in situations that involve people's most precious assets & lives. I always maintain that it will take major losses for communities to understand what this kind of backwards actions do. Best of luck out there
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    Despite the fire department layoffs, Farris said he has no intention of laying off police officers.
    Three streets department employees also were laid off with the firefighters
    this sucks......
    Yes; it does!
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    This is a really sad state of affairs. I've driven through Cairo several times on the way to St. Louis (it's the scenic route) and the area gets bleaker every time I pass through. The case at hand is just a symptom of a dying community.

    Cairo was a huge commercial distribution center back in the 60's . . . the 1860's. General U.S. Grant was headquartered there, Sears sold or distributed many of their "kit homes" through Cairo, and most stores in the region (Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois) ordered their goods through Cairo distributors. The town is just a crumbling shadow of its former glory.

    For those not in the know, it's pronounced KAY-row, and not like it's more famous namesake in Egypt.

    I wish things were better there - too many beautiful old buidings rotting away and too much history lost for lack of resources.

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    It's pronounced like Karo syrup. Or (Care-ro)

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