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    Default question for any FDNY emt's or people who know anything about it

    I am currently enrolled in EMT-b and will begin fire standards in january. My goal is to eventually be firefighter for FDNY. Anyway, my question is about becoming an emt/paramedic in NYC. I plan to take the national emt test. I was wondering how that certification applies to FDNY or what needs to be done to get hired.

    If anyone has the details and hiring info that can be explained beyond what the FDNY site says. Thank you.


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    Can I apply with any region's NYS REMAC certification?

    Answer: No. You must have NYC REMAC certification.


    How can I get NYC REMAC Certification?

    Answer: The REMAC Challenge Exam consists of two parts: Part A is a 100- question test and Part B consists of three oral scenarios given by Board Certified Physicians. A passing grade must be achieved on PART A for the candidate to be eligible to take Part B. REMAC Challenge Exams are given quarterly in January, April, July and October. The fifty seats per test are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. The $50.00 fee includes a protocol booklet and is non-refundable. The NYC Protocols may also be downloaded from REMSCO at www.nycremsco.org

    For more information you can call NYC REMAC at (212) 870- 2301 or you may contact the REMAC Liaison, Paramedic Manuel Delgado, at (718) 999 2671. You may also email your questions to him at delgatm@fdny.nyc.gov


    Can you work for the Fire Department as an EMT or Paramedic with an out-of-state certification?

    Answer: No. EMTs are required to have a NYS EMS - EMT certification and Paramedics must have NYS EMS- Paramedic and REMAC certifications. If you have an out-of-state certification, you may apply for reciprocity of your home state's certification to NYS. See reciprocity.


    What is reciprocity?

    Answer: Reciprocity is a process where NYSDOH reviews the training you received in your home state to determine if it equates to New York State requirements. If so, you may be granted an NYS EMT or Paramedic certification.You should contact the Reciprocity Unit of the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) at (518) 402-0996 to request a reciprocity package.

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