I first met Jim thirteen years ago while attending the first national conference held on Provider Based Quality Improvement for EMS in Kansas City, MO. A statuesque man, I introduced myself rather cautiously as I wasn’t sure how such a respected leader in the EMS profession would respond to a local Midwest firefighter/paramedic seeking the opportunity just to meet this renowned person. He quickly put my apprehensions aside and established a rapport that made me feel I had known him for long time. We established a common thread through his knowledge of our EMS system’s medical director, Dr. Stanley Zydlo, Jr. We spoke of their shared passions for EMS and how we’d like to see our profession evolve. In the years to come, I would have the privilege of calling on Jim’s expertise on several occasions. What impressed me during the first phone call several years after Kansas City was his memory of that encounter.

His editorials have always provoked challenges for all of us, whether it is from the administrative side or “blue-shirt” side of our business. He has been there to defend us when we’re right and scold us when we’re wrong. THE cornerstone of our profession, he will surely be missed. Godspeed, Jim.