I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of James O. Page. I have had many occcasions in the past to speak to Mr. Page about both the "Good Old Days" as well as the shape of things to come, and I relished each and every moment of the time he took to share his views with me. I grew up with the industry becomming involved at a very early age performing prehospital care before it was called EMS. I lived through Vietnam and it's aftermath and lost myself from prehospital medicine for a while. I discovered that all I had lost was time. I found out that I had not only lost out on the time I could have spent furthering my career but I lost out on the changes I could have helped to bring about in the industry. Upon reentering the field I saw J. O. Page as a bridge not only to the past, but the future as well. It seems that my annual pilgrimage to EMS Today in March 2005 will be, in one respect, very sad because I won't get to see Jim's friendly smile or get to chat for those too few minutes. Yet, those of us who attend that conference or any of the other events we find ourselves trekking off to annually will meet, greet and reminisce not only about the void in our ranks created by this weekends event but of the parts of our lives either personal, private or both which will feel the loss of contact with Jim, his activism and his passion. We as a brotherhood must all find ways to step up and continue to carry EMS forward into the future. His vision for our industry can continue to come to fruition if we each do our part to pick up the yoke and keep on pulling. Until we meet again James O. at the final alarm, please know you will be sorely missed.