The first time I met Jim was at the Firehouse Magazine convention. I attended a seminar regarding EMS & the Law with my then, 6 month old daughter. During the seminar my daughter became fussy. I really wanted to hear what Jim had to say & tried to appease her as best I could. After the seminar was over, I met Jim on the show floor. He and I spoke for about an hour about many things, none having to do with fire, EMS, or law. We mostly talked about raising children. He told me how he had regrets about not being around while his kids grew up. During this time, he was rising through the ranks of the fire department as well as attending law school. He said that the same week he became battalion chief, he was sitting for the state bar exam.
Jim told me to "cherish the years that they are young, you'll never be able to get them back". But, he went on with a smile and said that he was fortunate to be able to help his kids buy their homes, and he made sure that they were all nearby so he could see his grandkids grow up.

I'll miss Jim's words of wisdom and sense of humor.

My condolences to Jim's family.