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    Anyone out here currently running a Caterpillar C-13 Acert Engine in any of their current aparatus? Intrested to know how these engines are holding up.

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    well i have not seen them in any fire apparatus but as far as there performance in class 8 trucks i have not heard any complaints. There are many people out there that are skeptical though. To meet the new emissions standards most engine manufacturers had to start building engines with egr technology i.e. detroit diesel, mercedes benz, but caterpillar decided to put twin turbos in line (one driving the other) with the idea that by forcing more air through the engine then the exaust gasses would pass regs kinda like waterin down your drink so you cant taste it as much. So far evreyone is happy with them and i can tell you they have given us a lot less problems than the detroit egr 60 series. what a joke!

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    We just got our first of three Sutphen platforms in with the 13. Only has 1800 miles right now.

    We're pretty much totally CAT now (approx 50 trucks with CAT's). We still got some with Cummins and Detroits. We've had some failures of the CAT's, but not near as many as we had with the Cummins. The Detroits we have are the 6V-92 and 8V92's. They've been pretty much bulletproof, minus the oil leakage that's typical of those motors.

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