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    Default Rental History Problems

    FF/PM1 wrote:

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    When you leave an apartment you rented make sure it looks good

    I often get calls on previous renters of our apartments. The one big question that is asked is "Would you rent to this person again?" They also ask if they paid on time, left the place in good order, any problems, and did they get their deposit back? A real brief history of how a person lives their life.

    Make sure you do a walk though with the owner or manager when you vacate an apartment. Take pictures and get a written statement on the condition when you left and if they would rent to you again. Many managers try to charge residents for paint, carpet, cleaning and other items when they are normal wear and tear or should be prorated. If you are charged for these items from your deposit consider going to Small Claims Court to settle (you have up to a year to file). Often, if you file the manager will send you a check not wanting to go to court. Remember if you go to court the person who has the pictures usually wins.

    And don't try to pull that story about well I had roommates and after I moved out they did all the damage and left it a mess. Right!!! If you're still on the rental contract after you and they left, it's your responsibility too. So, if you move out get your name off the contract and get your buddies or the new roommate to give you your portion of the deposit back; because the manager isn't---because they don't rent half or quarter of apartments.

    When you move into a rental unit request a check in form and walk through. Put in minute detail the condition of the unit including carpets, drapes, paint, chipped sinks, appliances----anything. Then you and the manager sign and date the check in list. This will prevent amnesia and surprises later especially if you go to court. I had a friend who was charged for a stain in the carpet when he moved. He produced the check in form that stated the strain was there when he moved in and immediately received a check that they withheld for damages.

    I just had a resident move out. They virtually just walked out and left some of their items. The place was not cleaned, the carpet was a mess, they piled up a lot of their stuff they didn't want around the dumpster and fled. What kind of a reference will they get in the future???? Deposit return???? Keep in mind when someone pulls a credit report on you it lists all your previous addresses.

    If you were sent a statement after you moved that you owed money after they used up your deposit for damages, pro-rated rent, cleaning and you haven't paid it, you had better pony up and get over there and get it cleared up. You don't want to take the chance of the background investigator asking you, "Did you ever live at 7238 Wilson????) Your butt will slam shut like an iron door.

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    Doing my walk-thru with a former manager, they stated to me, "I have never had an apartment so clean when moving out." Got the whole deposit back.

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