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    I have two misdemeanors when I was 20. One was for fighting and the other a drunk in public. I am know 24. I am currently in a FF Academy in CA. When I graduate I'll be 25. Since it is required to disclose them on your initial application, I'm concerned that I'll be weeded out before I can even take the written test. Is there any high ranking officials that have opinion regarding this situation.


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    Default What now?

    One was for fighting and the other a drunk in public.
    Not two of the greatest openers when applying for a firefighter job. It probably won't keep you from testing. It will take time for these to go away. What chief wants to take a chance of hiring a possible hot head who has the potention of embarrasing his department? What have you prepare to say that can change this opinion? Nothing will change if you don't already have a convincing reasonable prepared answer.

    I would be really concerned here by thinking packing on all the education and thinking time will erase the pattern you have shown here. How are you going to convince those doing the hiring that they should select you over the 100 other candidates with a more perfect record? If the agency is doing a psych it could quickly take the wheels off your wagon.

    I see too many candidates that believed what you are saying here and remain badgeless.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob" Author, Becoming A Firefighter


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