I am very interested in any info about the St. Louis Park (MN) F.D.

I mainly have these Questions

1. What is the general morale of the guys that are on the Department, Full-time and the Paid On Call guys as well?

2. Do the two groups (FT & PD on-call) work well together for the common goal of serving the citizens or is there alot of discontent among them?

3. What is the chance for an out-of-towner like me of getting a fair shot at getting hired there? Certs and experience aside, I am already well qualified in those areas because I have been a professional public servant for a few years now. I just wonder with the combination Department and all , if they may be more likely to hire from their part time ranks for full time spots??

4. Is the Chief personable and well respected by the rank and file on and off duty? Does the chief know the names and faces of his Firefighters. I know this sounds like a silly question but trust me that I have a good reason for asking. I have had to learn to ask questions before picking my family up and moving to a Department I know very little about.

5. Do you know how many positions are to be filled or how long the list will be good for?