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    Question What are the odds? to: Capt Bob

    Capt Bob,

    I've been testing for over 3 years now...taken about 7 different city/town tests and have gotten to the oral board on 6 of them. I pass the oral board but always get ranked poorly. I have yet to get to the background investigation. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with this. Is 3 years long to be waiting? I'm also certified Firefighter-1, and EMT-B and have my B.S. in Business Admin. What are the odds of me getting on before I hit 30? I'm 27 now.

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    I'm going to guess you haven't taken Capt. Bob's program yet. As you're finding out, the oral board is everything when it comes to getting hired. Just take a quick look at his web site, ask yourself, am I doing all of the stuff he suggests to make myself stand out from the rest? If not, it's worth it to get his program and start working on your oral presentation. Obviously the departments you're testing with see something in you to invite you to the interview. They're just not seeing enough when you get there. Capt. Bob can help you show them what they're looking for.

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    Default 2 cents-

    rybred12- I am not Bob, just a big fan of his and have idea
    what he might add to the excellent posting above. Here are
    my points-

    -The oral board is where the rubber meets the road. You
    arent building the bridge with the oral board. I am not
    going to try to sell you something, but your questions
    cant be fully answered on a forum. I would suggest
    visiting his website and maybe consider his program.
    He does have a money back guarantee and I think you
    could get something out of it.

    -Also- I see you mentioned you have a BS. That is fine
    but some candidates hammer the board with their degree.
    Please consider this. One or all of the folks on your
    board my not have a degree and might feel threathened
    by this. Also, if it is not required for the position,
    just mention it once when the time is right.
    Bottom line- Dont hammer the board with your degree and
    like Bob says- "Remember, youre interviewing for a
    snot nose rookie FF position, not Chief Officer."

    Bob's website- www.eatstress.com

    Hope these help.
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