I know it is not a pleasant topic, but since I have had a bad experience with a pet crematorium, I wanted to spread the word to anyone who may someday be in need of that service. Do Not give your business to "Paws Awhile" in Richfield, Ohio. We took a dog up there last week to be cremated. We called ahead, but when we arrived, we had to go to the groomer's shop next door to have them try to track down someone to help us. We paid our fee and were told that we would have to come back in at least four days to get the remains. As we left, we remembered that we had left the collar on the dog which we wanted to keep. So, we called the place back and they assured us that they would save the collar for us when we picked up the remains.

We returned on the fifth day to get the remains and were met by a different person working there. He was not able to find the collar, but he showed us on the receipt where it was written, highlighted and bulleted to save the collar. He told us to call back yesterday when the other person was working. Well, as you can guess by now, she had no idea where the collar was. She claimed that it was cremated with the dog and was even rude toward us for even asking for it. Certainly not customer friendly and apparently they pay little attention to detail since they can't even read the orders on the receipt.

So, if you ever do need such services... we have found another pet crematory that our friends have used that are much more reputable in Columbus, Ohio. The name is Midtown Chapel and their number is 614.224.6105.