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    Default Anyone in NE need a free cascade system?

    DOD surplus currently lists available at Letterkenny Depot, PA one MANIFOLD SERVICE UNIT.

    This is actually a mobile cascade system. 8ea 422ft3 5000psi airtanks and a "Cadillac" control module. I was able to obtain one of these units for our fire dept last year, cats meow for a poor fire dept. Very nice piece of mil. equipment. The only equipment change required is to remove SCUBA hose ends and install SCBA hose ends. 4 kill stations.

    For photo see our city website at http://www.stanleyiowa.com/pages/773127/index.htm

    Your forester can request starting Mon Sept 20 (when rolls into GSA status). Info you need to provide is: "Get me
    NSN 4220013697915
    DTID W907DG42040005A

    Condition of this unit is rated G7 which tells nothing other than could should be usable (not junk). Could be used or new. The units I received were brandnew still in the factory crate. Channel for request is thru your state forester (DOD FEPP surplus coordinator). If you are interested in the unit don't delay or someone else (another forester) will get it.

    Complete Amry Tech Manual is online at https://www.logsa.army.mil/etms/data/A/073191.pdf
    Parts Manual at

    Good luck

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    I'm definately passing this info on to some of the VT departments. I know of 3 that have to use others to refill...

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    Hey neiowa,

    How do you find out about things like this that DOD is going to put out for excess?

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