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    Default Last minute help with CPAT 3 questions

    Hi everyone,
    I am taking the CPAT test for a fulltime department on saturday and I am looking for some last minute help before the test. Yes i know there is a forum for this but i feel i will get better results here.

    Ok, what I am looking for are three things........what can i do/use to simulate a weighted vest on a stepmill......i thought about a backpack with weights? second question: what obsticles do they have for the search......the only reason I want to know is so that I can move quicker through the test to finish in time. Last question: this past saturday night I dislocated my knuckle....i can move it and wiggle it, however it is still burised and not fully straight. what can i do to help this besides ice....i have done plenty of that and what should I do with it before testing?

    Thanks everyone!


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    Get a back pack, find a hill, and start walking. Thats all I can say. I took CPAT not to long ago and it kicked my *****. As far as the search goes, if you have ANY experience what so ever in an airpack (which you don't wear during CPAT) and have been through situations where you can't see then you will not have any problems what so ever. There are a few overhead obstructions and a couple of bars to go over and under but thats about it. Nothing complicated at all. Don't camp out in the maze. If you feel you have to rest, don't. You can rest plenty at the end of it all. That dummy gets pretty hard after doing all this as well. Work alot on lower body strength. Thats where I felt the bulk of the workload was from. IF you get off the stair mill and you can still work your legs. You're in good shape. Keep a nice steady pace but don't run (Except in the hose pull) and you'll be fine. Drink fluids, and get some rest, you'll need it. About the finger, if you can get away with not taping it up before the test, I would. It might would hinder you in the push/pull evolution. If you have to, you might have to wrap some tape around it, but not in the joint. If the pain is not unbearable now, you shouldn't have to much to worry about. Most of all, GOOD LUCK..

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    Default Good Luck!

    Sounds crazy but this works!

    If your a vol already and can get a SCBA, get one instead of the backpack with weights. Then go somewhere that has an escalator at a time when traffic is very light, such as a shopping mall in the morning when the mall walkers are walking through before the stores open.

    Once you find an escaltor, walk up the down escaltor for 30 minutes. Doing this for a couple of days will strengthen your legs, however don't over do it to the point where your sore on Saturday!!!

    The maze is easy, at least in Charlotte it was. Built out of wood, while crawling through you will find plywood walls that you may need to crawl over or go under.

    Just concentrate on what your supposed to do. Don;t forget, the best advice is while on the step walker, hold the weight vest that your wearing. Doing so will keep your body balanced.

    Good luck, you'll do fine.
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    Check Here for a ton of CPAT info (including video clips of the stations) from Calgary FD.

    Good Luck with the test.

    O.K. - the link won't work as an embedded URL so here's the long & drawn out version. Don't blame me - blame the genius who wrote the forum software.


    note the "http://" was removed to keep the forum software from screwing with the link. there is no www prefix to this - just cut & paste as shown.
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    Most people who fail the CPAT fail the first event (Stair Climb/Stair Stepper), or run out of time during the last event (Ceiling Breach). People who run out of time at the breach and pull lost a few seconds at all the prior event stations because they PAUSED to THINK of how to do the event or PAUSED or SLOWED down to catch their breath.

    Probably candidates have the most problems station #6 the search:

    #6 Search: Get in and get out! You may not move like a greased pig at the fair but you do need to move. One candidate wrote: Here is where I lost about 15-20 seconds. The event itself is pretty fun if you are not claustrophobic. Be aware of the obstacles inside. I could not figure one out, and I got disoriented and lost precious time figuring it out. Crawl fast as there are no abrupt edges that you'll run into. All the walls are tapered so as long as you keep your head down you can fly through. Doing the practice "run-throughs" will take away all doubt of what and where the obstructions are in tunnel crawl.

    Always remember to stay right, and come back to your right after an obstacle. The event is shaped in a horseshoe, so there are two right turns. This can be a good time to catch your breath as well in preparation for the dummy drag.

    You can read the complete Physical Agility CPAT in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

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