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    Question FDNY Academy

    Anyone aware of the entry requirements of The Rock?? I heard rumor that there is another agility per say that you have to do in order to get accepted into The Rock. If anyone has any information then please post a reply and thanks brothers.

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    i dont know about everything, but i do know that you have to pass a 1 1/2 mile run in a certain amount of time (i think its 12:30) or else you have to go back to HQ and do the stair mill again like you did on your medical...with the vest and heart rate monitor and all. so make sure to run your *** off before hand

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    I don't know the order, but I understand you show up and do the stress test/stair machine first thing. Fail: You're done. Game Over.

    Additionally, there is the 1.5 mile run. I believe it is the 12:30min limit. Situps, pushups and pullups too. That is what I was told and a sheet I read at the stress test.

    Good luck

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