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    Default I need some advice

    Hey guys. I am currently moving up from Fire Explorer, or junior firefigher, to Volunteer firefighter. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my interview and maybe on the combat challenge. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

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    Forget the combat challenge for the time being and concentrate on making a seamless transition to vollie firefighter.
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    Found this on here a while ago. Hope it helps.

    Rookies Guide to Success
    . Be the first to offer help and clean.
    . Never let a senior member do something you should be doing.
    Stay physically fit
    Test as much as possible, practice does make perfect. You will be come more relaxed and familiar with the questions asked on test and interviews.
    Join a service like Fire Career Assistance! Use your extra time for studying, education or training. Stop wasting time and effort. Simplify your job search.
    Don't come to work with earrings, died hair and pants to your knees. It's Not MTV
    Look like a professional. Take pride in your uniform
    Make friends
    Maintain professional competence
    Don't spout off in public. Let your performance speak for itself
    Go with your natural instinct
    Drive safely & conscientiously
    Don't judge other's actions until you know all the facts
    Be extremely careful when backing up a vehicle. Use a back up person when possible
    Be empathetic, it could be you
    Leave stress at work
    Longevity doesn't guarantee perfection, even veterans make mistakes.
    Learn new ways to communicate, foreign languages, sign language, etc.
    Don't bring your problems to work
    Become educated on legal issues
    Respect & learn from seniors
    Be your worst own critic
    Even though most calls are uneventful, don't get to relaxed because the next one might be worse.
    Avoid gossip


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