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    Default I need some advice

    Hey guys. I am currently moving up from Fire Explorer, or junior firefigher, to Volunteer firefighter. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my interview and maybe on the combat challenge. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

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    Forget the combat challenge for the time being and concentrate on making a seamless transition to vollie firefighter.
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    Found this on here a while ago. Hope it helps.

    Rookies Guide to Success
    . Be the first to offer help and clean.
    . Never let a senior member do something you should be doing.
    ∑ Stay physically fit
    ∑ Test as much as possible, practice does make perfect. You will be come more relaxed and familiar with the questions asked on test and interviews.
    ∑ Join a service like Fire Career Assistance! Use your extra time for studying, education or training. Stop wasting time and effort. Simplify your job search.
    ∑ Don't come to work with earrings, died hair and pants to your knees. It's Not MTV
    ∑ Look like a professional. Take pride in your uniform
    ∑ Make friends
    ∑ Maintain professional competence
    ∑ Don't spout off in public. Let your performance speak for itself
    ∑ Go with your natural instinct
    ∑ Drive safely & conscientiously
    ∑ Don't judge other's actions until you know all the facts
    ∑ Be extremely careful when backing up a vehicle. Use a back up person when possible
    ∑ Be empathetic, it could be you
    ∑ Leave stress at work
    ∑ Longevity doesn't guarantee perfection, even veterans make mistakes.
    ∑ Learn new ways to communicate, foreign languages, sign language, etc.
    ∑ Don't bring your problems to work
    ∑ Become educated on legal issues
    ∑ Respect & learn from seniors
    ∑ Be your worst own critic
    ∑ Even though most calls are uneventful, don't get to relaxed because the next one might be worse.
    ∑ Avoid gossip


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