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    i was just looking for some direction and information on testing to become a firefighter. i have talked to a lot of people and they all tell me, just test, test whereever i can, just to get the experience. i live in southern california, and i want to do that, but im having trouble finding testing in my area. i signed up for and the general amount of posts for hiring departments say emt or paramedic testing.i am in school right now for my emt, and for my as in firescience, so as of right now i dont have a lot of the requirements that seem to be neccessarry. can anyone tell me how i can find testing in my area, and how i can just go and take some tests, i just want the experience.


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    Default Here we go...

    Getting hired in So. Cal. is like trying to break into the
    movie biz. About 1 opening for every 500 candidates. Being a
    Paramedic is BIG key. I HIGHLY suggest you look, no dive into
    the following websites. They are very active and will help you

    Check out their job listings AND bulletin board-

    Another good job site-

    Get info on the oral board and sample questions, etc-

    PM me if you have any other questions.

    Hope these help.

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    Those are all very good sites that Bou has listed. You might also want to try posting in the hiring and employment section of the firehouse forums. It is a relatively active area that I like to post in. It has a lot of guys in your, our position with a lot of useful information.

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    I would also highly recommend buying a bunch of the Fire Exam books and getting exp that way. If you have any week areas like math or reading take classes at your college to help boost your score. Plus the added credit hours looks good. Good luck, I feel your pain.
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