Hello and thanks for reading this. Thank you even more for being there 24/7.

I am trying to locate the son of a Firefighter in Mesquite Texas. His father was on the job in the late 80's. I have no idea where to start or if there are any places that might lists names of retired Firemen.

At one point, the son was also going to join the department, but I have no idea if that ever happened.

The man's son was 16 or so in 1985. He is the father of my niece, but never knew about her. My sister didn't tell him anything. My niece is now 18 and wants to find her dad, but the only thing I remember was his first name, where he worked at the time, (which is now no longer in business) and that his father was a Firefighter in Mesquite Texas.

Any ideas?


Thank you so much for protecting our families!