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    Talking ATTN. Florida Firefighters!! I need help!!

    I am moving back to Florida from Ohio and I am having trouble finding Fire departmnets that I can test for. I am an NREMT soon to be a NREMT-p so that is not a problem. I am also a hazmat Tech,Public Safety Diver and have my EVOC drivers cert. But Florida will not recognise my fire cert. I am willing to take any classes or tests to get it. My problem is that I cant find any fire departments that will hire you without your Firefighter Cert. I will go anywhere in Florida if it is full-time. I am capable of passing the physical tests...well hopefully.Haha! Thanks for any help you can give me. John N.

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    There are some depts. that will hire you with either just fire cert. or just paramedic cert. But you have to have at least one. Try Pasco County Fire Rescue. You can check their website pasco fire.com. They are near Tampa Florida. good luck!!!

    p.s. Check in pinellas county also

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    I had the same problem when I moved to Florida. Getting them to recognize another states cert. is next to impossible. However, being a medic, you have a strong advantage. There are departments that will hire you and send you to fire school(again) because they are in desperate need of medics. There are also several counties that are still seperate, so you may work EMS while you go back and get your FL fire standards. That is what I did. Anyways, look up Brevard County. It is on the East coast(Melbourne,palm bay, cocoa beach). They hire medics and send you to fire school while on duty. Indian River County, just south of Brevard is a split service. Work EMS while going to Fire school. They also pay the most for a single role medic. You can work for AMR in Orlando while getting fire cert. Flagler county, north of Brevard is hiring medics. If you like the west coast, Lee County(FT Myers) is in desperate need of medics. Once you get your fire cert, you will be set. In 2005, there will be hundreds and hundreds of jobs opening due to attrition. Palm Beach County, Miami Dade, Broward...The fire schools in Fl are very intense. The programs are usually a minimum of 450 hours. That is 3 months FT M-F or you can do PT for 6 months. Go online to 911hotjobs and look up Fl. Start calling people because some services may change their policies and be willing to hire you. Its cheaper and easier to send someone to Fire school than it is medic school. Good Luck!

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