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    Question Ride Alongs/volunteer opportunities???

    How do i get more ride alongs under my belt? I have been e mailing the cheif what is a better way? do i just walk into head quarters?? and how do I volunteer? I have been e mailing my resume and calling and writing letters. is there a special way to do this?

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    Default Slow down

    Slow down, way down. They haven't even seen you yet and you are calling and your sending them your resume. Oh, yea, they know who you are already.

    Consider just calling one of the stations and making an appointment with the captain. Or, causally drop by with a piece offering of good ice cream (the round stuff), home made cookies or gourmet coffee. If not appropriate then then ask to make an appointment for later.

    Have any questions you might have ready, be humble and be a good listener.

    Captain Bob


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