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    Question Fire dispatch codes


    I was wondering if someone could let me know what the codes are when paging FireFighters for an emergency, such as, but not limited to:

    General alarm
    Box alarm
    Code 1

    Is there a difference between fire/medic codes?


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    Smile Not A Good Question...............

    Or, Just maybe, a VERY good question. You see, I don't think anybody uses the same code as anyone else. Here, we don't use any code at all, just plain English. Almost anyone can listen to our radio and understand most of what is going on.
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    The only codes we use is 10-90, and that's for when we are at the hospital. I think that's the hospitals preference so they know for sure when we have arrived.

    Other then that, it's all plain English.

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    I don't really consider these codes... I think they're alarm classifications.

    We use:

    - Still alarm: essentially single company responses, minor incidents, investigations, etc. AFA's and MVC's fall under here as well.

    - Desk box ###: basically any structural response, problems inside a building (smoke, odors, gas),

    - Out of Town Box ###

    It's a rather simple breakdown. If we need a unit and it is not on the standard alarm assignment, they're "special called" on whatever box it is. Boxes are geographic areas and target hazards, and are also broken down by hydranted vs. non-hydranted.
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    My area uses plain english to dispatch fire/ems.
    For responses we use code 1 code 2 and code 3
    Code 1= all responding apparatuses run hot
    Code 2= 1 apparatus runs hot while others run regular. Sometimes depending on the traffic and how far away the units are, sometimes more than one unit will run hot
    Code 3=regular response

    The code system usualy denotes the severity of the call.
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    Exclamation Codes??

    Codes? We don't use any stinking codes. Codes are too diffcult to learn and when you have several different departments that can and sometime respond together, then each department must know the others "codes" if used. This goes for signals, 10 codes, priority codes, etc.

    When any of our companies are dispatched the communications operator, alerts the stations that will respond and vocally announce the companies who are going and what they are responding too. No codes, nothing to hide, just plain simple talk, nothing else.

    Our members have better and more important things to learn and know beside various codes.

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    Question Fire dispatch codes

    Thanks for all the replies....
    I consulted with my department last night and ended up getting an informal training! Not what I wanted, but very useful.
    The General alarm (for us) is to alert anyone not on shift to come to the fire house and cover until we get back from the call. There are several others but I wont go into detail.
    Thanks again!!!

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    For fire we use clear text. Medical stuff is a little different, we use the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo response codes to tell us who goes and if they are running hot.

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    Here are our codes....its easier to cut and past than try to write it out and explain it. The list is not the most current since the adoption of NIMS. Changes have occured....

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    We use alarm codes, but only in how our dispatch center enters calls into the CAD.

    Code 1-Medical
    Code 2-Single Engine Response
    Code 3-MVC (aka MVA)
    Code 4-Structure Response
    Code 5-Automatic Fire Alarm
    Code 6-Haz Mat Response
    Code 7-Water (Marine) Rescue
    Code 8-Air Transport
    Code 9-Extrication Reponse
    Code 10-Brush Fire
    Code 11-Tech Rescue


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    Default Codes

    We use plain english normally, but we do have the following codes:

    Code 1: Emergency response
    Code 2: Closest emergency, others non-emergency
    Code 3: Non-emergency

    Medical we use triages also:

    Type green: Minor
    Type yellow: Marginal
    Type red: Life threat potential
    Type black: Gone

    Only 10 code we use is 10-24. We use it so if we're on a medical or another call and the situation becomes hostile, we can simply say our unit number and 10-24. Dispatch will just say something to the effect of "copy" and will notify P.D. that we're in trouble and send cops emergency. Works great to keep the threatening party or parties from knowing we're calling the cops while we get out of the situation if possible.

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    No codes here except for one which designates a "possible dead body".
    WE have found that we already have too much too remember ...

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    Default California stuff-

    Some California stuff-

    For actual radio time, everything is military. ie- "1429" is 2:29PM, no colon. If it is at midnight, you do NOT say "0023", instead say
    "midnight 23."

    We use "traffic collision" aka "t/c" in place of MVA or MVC.

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