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    Default fire history research paper help

    I am an explorer and my english class just got an assignment to do a research paper on what ever topic we wanted to. so i picked fire fighting. i thought that since its what i want to do i shouild learn some thing about it. i am haveing trouble getting sources so if any of you know of any sources, or have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Firefighting History

    Your place to find sources for the history of firefighting is right at your fingertips.......your computer and the web.

    It all depends on how extensive you want to research the topic.

    Here is one link to get you started.

    "The uniform is supposed to say something about you. You get it for nothing, but it comes with a history, so do the right thing when you're in it."
    Battalion Chief Ed Schoales
    from 'Report from Ground Zero' pg 149
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    what part of firefighting are you talking about. fill us in on which part of the job that you are wanting to know about and then we will know how to help you.

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    im writing my paper on the history... sorry about that...

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    Talking Did someone say history......I love fire history

    See what Henry Gratacap and NFPA 1972 have in common.
    See where James Braidwood brought the fire service.
    See what peg leg sullivan was doing in october.
    Find out why Boston gets a christmas tree every year from the people of Halifax NS.
    Find out what in the heck is a Corp of Vigles.
    Pony up some money and be like Dugas and buy some wonder powder.
    What was a friendly soecity?
    Why ever would Walter Kidde want to join up with ma bell?
    Hey if your looking for some night life,lets go down to the rythym club,happy land,cocoanut grove,the cherokee thearter or if your hungry lets go to the beverly hills supper club.
    What happend in Peshtigo around the same time "cows were kicking lanterns".
    Why would you ever put a grenade in your house?
    What does Montreal have to with fire extingushers?
    A handtub,isnt that where you was your clothes?
    You Jynx'ed me!
    Boston fd----AD 1640?
    Where was Texas city?
    Hunneman.......sounds like someplace you keep cigars right?
    What did Mattydale do to thier Buffalo?
    What happend in Blubber Hollow in 1904?
    Soda and Acid,isnt that what happens when I take tums after some chili?
    What do WW1 and early clean agents have in common?
    Who would ever make a water main out of wood.......then put a plug in it?
    What is leather forever?
    Gamewell sounds like the redsox won right?
    Why did a thread make baltimore burn?
    Long day at school......good thing you werent makeing shirt collars at triangle.
    What happend 9 years before that let the state of Maine burn in the 1940's?

    This should get you started. Fire history is a very good subject and you will never run out of things to write about. Im sure if you did some research on the questions I asked you........you could write a novel.
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