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    Default colorado written test

    This past weekend i went out west to test for a written/oral exam. I scored very well on the first three phases but failed the last one which was the mechanical aptitude. you have to pass each phase independently to move on to the next phase. I'm from buffalo new york so the trip for the weekend was fairly expensive. I've done constuction for 4years on/off for college and I'd consider myself fairly handy. I was woefully unprepared for this video test of mechanical apt. anybody take a similar test and/or have suggestions. You were shown a video on a construction plant(operations,gauges etc) Then something went wrong in the plant and you had to remedy it, this was done by adjusting belt speeds,switching valves/gates etc. You were allowed ten seconds to answer and then it went to the next question. There were a few questions i failed to answer in the allotted time and a few I had no idea what they were looking for. any body have any suggestions and or study tips in case i encounter this type of test again?

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    Default a little help

    hey, testing for denver huh?! i passed that test in feburary. A lot of the test involved listening. you had to notice a problem based on sound!! Once you make it pass that part you go on to the video/oral. 40 scenarios, i got and 82, cutoff was an 84. Oh well there is always next year. Two of my friends got hired on and start OCt 1st. the testing process is long and takes about 6 months. 2 psych exams, backround, hair test (drug), file review, physical, medical ect. if you passed you would have had to come back to denver at least six more times. Thats the difficulty of testing with a city department from out of state, they dont make consecions. P.S. I'm from Rochester, graduated from SUNY Fredonia. sorry i cant be of more help, the test just moves along, not much time to think. you really have to pay attention in the beggining and try and guess what looks different. the good news is the test never changes, i've taken it with two departments in colorado.

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