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    We use 18" long 2"x4", 4"x4", 7"x9" as our standard cribbing material and are considering changing to 24" lengths. What is your standard cribbing length and why that length?

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    In all my travels I have found the universal answer to the "Cribbing length" question. It is very simple. Step # 1... Take a measuring devise such as a tape measure. Step # 2 .. Measure the compartment that you wish to store your cribbing in. Measure from front to back. Step # 3 ... Subtract 2" from the number obtained in step # 2 to allow for shifting and door clearances. Step # 4 ... Cut cribbing Works every time. One thing to remember is, the height/base ratio depending who you talk to, is either 1:1.5 or 1:2. In other words I should not go over 4 foot high with a 2 x 2 base. I would perfer a 3 foot height as the max. So if the 4 step process above allows for longer cribbing, in theroy you can build higher stacks. I think you all know by now what my choice for high applications would be. Plenty of pictures of that on my website.
    While we are in the crib building mode, lets talk about the rope handles. I have seen many times where the dept. loses valuable compartment space to rope handles. What we have done is drill a 3/8" hole in the end of the crib on a 45 degree angle so it will exit the side. Then over drill or counter sink the side hole with a 1/2 to 3/4 hole. Thread your small rope in the end and out the side. Tie a simple overhand knot and melt the knot with a small torch, then pull the knot into the 3/4 hole and beat it in with a hammer. The end result is a piece of cribbing with a good rope handle and flush sides. No loops or electric staples to get in the way. Takes a little time, but its a long term deal with no wasted space.

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    Basically an accepted value for cribbing is based upon the potential height needed. Simply, if all contact points are covered the cribbing stack can be built to 3 times the footprint. Thus the safest maximum height for 24" cribbing pieces is 48" or 4'. Shorter pieces produce less height.
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