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    Default First Interview For Volunteer Position

    Anyone recently do this? Man I am EXCITED! I'm 37 and freaking out over this! Is this Normal?!?!?

    And to top it all I start EMT classes on Tuesday!
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    Volunteering is where it starts for so many people. You are sure to have a blast with the training & experience in the firehouse.

    Ok, a couple things I know come right from CaptBob (a name here you should get used to for hiring situations)... make your life experiences work for you, which is to say that non-fire stuff from 20+ years of working partly make you who you are today, and explain how your 4 years of working at Dunkin Donuts without a sick day showed that you had discipline (ok, so you have to find your OWN life story, but you get the idea). Also, try to use ANY fire story that pertains to your life while you interview, because firefighters LOVE hearing fire stories. Whether you grew up watching Johnny & Roy on "Emergency!" or had a dad/uncle who always brought you down to their fire stations as a kid... use it!

    Ok, best of luck, and let us know how things go!
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
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    Good luck! I'm 2o years old going through my first volunteer interview. i started college two years ago taking pre-req's and co-req's for Nursing but i can't hide my passion for the fire service.

    i have been accepted for the EMT to Paramedic class which starts in January and i am awaiting a call from my Local Fire Chief! luckily i have a FF who lives in my apartment complex who teaches some of the volunteer classes and is a FF at the station i'm going to serve at.

    my plan is simple: volunteer while going through EMT-Paramedic school while working at my local hospital on the weekends. luckily each jobs corralates with each other.

    the ff i spoke with said to me that our county is hiring 250ff's in 10 years and that if i get my Paramedic, they will hire me and:

    1)pay my entire tuition and meals at Fire college
    2)pay for New bunker gear
    3)pay me while i go through Fire College

    its a win-win situation if i can run with it...its up to me!

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    Thanks, Kevin and NY14 for the words of encouragment!

    NY14 my plan is very much like yours. Start EMT school, get on as a volunteer, get my EMT-B and will some help from above get "Hired" at a FD.

    Thanks again and I'll keep yall posted!

    Flush twice, it's a long way to Clemson!

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    Default Good luck...

    I would recommending prepping some BEFORE the interview. Please
    go check out www.eatstress.com and click on the "101 Inside
    Secrets to Getting A Badge".

    Good luck!

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