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    I see that this forum does'nt get used very often, but I just wanted to share with someone in South Carolina that I am going for an interview with an FD tomorrow and I start EMT classes on Tuesday! I'm 37 y/o and freaking EXCITED about an interview for a job that does not pay?!?!? What is up with that? Is this normal?

    Hope to hear from some locals!

    See ya

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    Jimmy, while I can't speak about parenthood ( ? the best job), I can certainly say that the fire service is high among the toughest jobs you don't get paid (well) for. Best of luck with the interview! What's your experience so far with the fire service? Any call or volunteer time? What have you done to prepare for the interview? We hope to hear about this experience tomorrow. Also, with the EMT class, be sure to post any thoughts or questions you have to these forums, as you'll get all the response you could hope for! Take care, and see you around
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