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    Default Lafd

    Has anyone seen anything about when the application process will begin for the Los Angeles Fire Dept? I am currently on a U.S. Navy ship and for some reason cannot get their web site to open up for me (though firehouse.com works!). I know that it opens this fall, but have they passed specific dates yet? Thanks.

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    Default Here ya go...

    Here's a copy/paste from the website: http://www.lacity.org/PER/safety.htm

    These pages are designed and maintained
    by the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department
    Revised Date:07/21/2004 17:54:38

    The Public Safety Bureau is preparing to administer the next Firefighter Written Test in January 2005 and anticipates that this examination will open for filing this fall.

    The specific dates will be posted on this website as soon as they become available. Additionally, applicants who submit a Notification Card will be notified by mail.

    Additionally, received a letter saying that at time of the test you MUST have a valid CPAT card.

    (j.g. or full LT at this point?)

    Good luck,

    BTW: check out www.firecareers.com for more info if you haven't. a lot more posts on there about west coast departments like LAFD.
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    Visit the website:


    ...follow all of the links. I said all of the links for a darn good reason. Soon you'll get to a link that says 'Notify Card". Complete and submit that form. Only then bookmark the site:


    ...and visit there about once a week for any updates. Any and all *necessary* information will be at that site, and/or sent to those with an Official Notification Card on file.

    Joining the LAFD is a relatively simple process.

    Please no e-mail. Public replies only. Thank you!

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