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    Question Hazmat Team Startup Help

    I have been a member of a volunteer fire department for just over 10 years, and am trying to get the ball rolling on establishing a hazardous materials response team. I would love to hear from members on established teams to get tips and pointers on how to startup a team... such as websites to purchase equipment such as suits and monitoring devices, how to apply for grants if possible, and whatever help you can offer in setting up a team. We're not looking to be a "mop-up" team, only an emergency response team to search/rescue victims, contain spills, etc. Thanks in advance for replying...


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    Check out the unites states fire admin site...it think is http://www.usfa.fema.gov/applications/publications/ it is loaded with FREE publications on how to do what you are trying. Deliverly time is about 1 week. Just register for free and dive into all the free stuff.....
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    Well the first thing you need to look at is money. It takes alot of it to not only train enough people to the Technician level but you need alot of people trained to the Ops level for decon. And the amount of training needed is very time consuming.

    I don't know much about your department so I can't say for sure but you stated you are volunteer. Do you have 10-15 people who want to become HAZMAT Techs?? Do you have anyone who is currently a Tech who has experience who could handle the Command aspect of HAZMAT? I would suggest you go to a multi-department/County HAZMAT Team. This would make it easier to find sufficient personnel. And another thing to remember is not everyone is cut out to go into the hotzone in a level a suit.

    As for equipment, this also takes alot of money. You may want to contact the local LEPC for help in this area.

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    I will agree with ff7134 unless you have a large volunteer department a county or regional team may suit you best. ff7134 suggested you have 10-15 trained techs. I would say that number should be a bit higher if your department is all volunteer and you have problems like most every volunteer department and that is times when responce is low due to members working, family time, ect. As for funding there is Federal Money out there you just have to apply and realize it takes time to get approved and actually get your equipment (a year or better if you are lucky). Get with you Local LEPC for assistance in the grant process. Good luck in this process as you move forward with this project you will soon realize how big of a job you have in front of you, but dont give up take your time and do it right.

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