This is my first post in this forum but have been reading now for a bit and have read nearly every post in this topic, and frankly its sorta sad to see fire fighters flaming one another on something like this, we are all professionals here and take great pride in what we do ( atleast i hope anyways) im going on 5 years now in an all volunteer fire department in north carolina. I can understand every fire department has its own way of doing some things cause they feel it best suits them and the community they serv. Now with that being said, Our department has a very simple but effective practice with the lights/siren in POV's first of all only the cheif and asst cheif can use a siren in there POV (even though they dont use them) wig-wags only cheif and asst. cheif can have those as well) . Now as for other members we are only allowed red/clear or red we can have them anywhere we wish as many as we want (withen reason ) As for responding with the lights on, every member who has the lights uses them ( as a curtosy light only ) for every alarm but we also practise the rutine that the first officer onscene will radio dispatch if its not a real emergency and get them to relay to "respond rutine traffic" (meaning you are asked to turn off lights and just get there when you do ( this means the pumpers tankers and equipment truck aswell ) we still have to obey all posted speed limits and stop signals and signs rather or not the lights are going or not. Our department gets a great deal of respect from the community and hardly ever get complaints for citizians or law enforcement. Also i forgot to mention if we are using lights we are asked to display a department liceness plate on the front of the POV. As for responding to the station or to the scene we will respond to the scene and a quilified person passing the station sees no one has grabbed a truck yet then they will stop at the station and continue responding to the scene with the truck (that being pumper first then equipment truck ) this works extremly well and have never ran into problems the 35 years our department has been established. We have 4 stations in our district each housing 1 pumper and tanker/ or brush truck in place of the tanker. Again i point out this is what works best for us.