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    Default Firefighting Jobs Overseas

    I am just getting started in trying to find a firefighting job with the first step being to find a seasonal firefighting position. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a person from the United States going to a different country, where it would possibly be easier to get hired as a firefighter, in order to gain experience before coming back to look for a full-time job in the states. It just seemed like an idea that might work and could end up being a good experience. Anyways I don't really know anything about working out of the country so I was hoping maybe someone could have some information. Thanks

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    Default overseas fire fighting

    I am in Iraq on my fist overseas fire fighting contract. It is really good for getting certs that you do not have and would have a hard time getting in the states. The only trick is that if you do not have certain certs you can only go during a start up contract, which means the first year of the contract and they should help you get the certs you desire.

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