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    Default Opening New FireHouse Traditions?

    I'm a paid firefighter in VA and we are in the process of opening a new fire station that will be a combined Engine Co. and Truck Co..
    These 2 companies are added companies not being moved from another area. We would like to know if there is a tradition that should be followed prior to running our first call. For example. I have heard that both apparatus are to be pushed back in to the bay prior to running the first call. Is this true or not. Also we would like to know if there is something special that needs to be put on top of the flag pole prior to raising the flag. Any help that can be given to ensure that we follow tradition and start this beautiful station off properly.


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    Someone posted this question not to long ago. Do a search under station dedication. All the answers were the same; do a wet down of the new station.

    We are opening a new station next spring and I've been looking for something to do also and this is all I could find.

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