Just want to introduce myself.

While I'm not a firefighter, I am honorary at the Santa Rosa Fire Department in California. I recently made a video documentary about firefighters. I started following the SRFD in April 2001, I completed the project in November 2002.

My film is being considered by many firefighters to be one of the best examples of the profession they have ever seen! This praise from firefighters is far more valuable and meaningful than the "Best Documentary" award and Official Selection I won at some film festivals.

Departments such as San Jose, Nevada City, San Ramon Valley, and Santa Rosa Junior College Fire Academy, among others--including the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat Center, are using "F.D." in their departments for training or just viewing. I am truly honored.

My eldest brother has been a firefighter & paramedic for as long as I can remember, but he never spoke of his job to his siblings. Now, I know just a little of what he has experienced for more than 25 years!

Having witnessed so closely, and participated in, so many calls over those two years, I feel that I have that fire bug in my veins now. I enjoy stopping by the station houses and taking in "the smell of a firehouse" (as one of my interviewees mentioned). I still go for an occasional ride-along too.

I would love do this job! However, I feel that I am physically unfit for the role (a couple of bad knees). However, I am truly honored to be considered a "brother" by the fire-fighting men and women in my city. I love them like family. When they hurt, I feel their pain. When a firefighter dies, even across the country, I feel the loss of a brother.

I really love my current job, teaching other people how to be creative through video production, but I have considered more than once getting into fire prevention/inspection. Are there other fire service jobs I could do? It would be a great way I could help out, give a service to my community, and...keep that scent fresh in my mind.