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    Default A-post airbags

    I rencently had a collision which resulted in a pinned driver. It was a newer car and had airbags in the A-posts. I was not sure how to get around this or if disconnecting the battery would immediately neutralize the airbags. So I ended up cutting cutting around the A-post so we could take the roof.

    Was this acceptable? and does disc. the battery immediately neutralize these side airbags?

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    No, disconnecting the battery does not automaticly neutralize the air bags in all cars ( a lot of variations from car to car). Yes cutting around the post is acceptable (you got your patient out right? ) You can do the same with the B post when you have a device to pull back the seat belt... Cut out a triangular part of the roof right on top of the post and secure the edges.



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    Removing battery power from a vehicle should be part of your SOP. Air bag systems have capacitor's that store a charge for a while, but that will begin to deplete when the power is disconnected. The amount of time that it will take depends on the car, but current vehicles will drain in less than 5 minutes, on average.

    As for the air bags in the A post, were they actually air curtains that run the entire length of the vehicle's interior? They would be partially hidden in the A post and may even have the compressed gas cylinder in the post. If it's a curtain, as long as you don't cut the cylinder, you can cut the post either below it or above it. If you cut through the bag and/or filler hose itself and something then triggers the side curtain, there will be a large rush of air/gas from the cut hose. Remove interior trim on the post so you can see what's in there. Cut as low as you can, below the bag/cylinder. You can then remove the roof.
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