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    Question Dive team safety officer

    Does anyone have SOPís/SOGís on minimum required standards for a safety officer on a dive/water scene. I am also looking for a safety checklist for water related scenes. Honestly, Ill take anything pertaining to safety at water related incidents! As always any help is most appreciated.

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    We have the safety officer position within the dive team itself.
    For us at an incident we would expect the IC to assign a safety officer to the incident, but because it is likely that he knows nothing about dive operations a separate Dive safety officer is assigned.
    The dive safety officer is assigned by the Dive Branch officer. It would be ideal for the member to be trained as a safety officer but he would need a minimum of divemaster status with the team.
    A dive master is a member who has a great deal of experience and training in Dive, Ice, Swift, and evidence. DR2 and any other specialized training.

    As for other safety procedures, we always assign a back up diver and when possible a 90% diver. We also have a position called a swimmer who stages in the water on the surface and is there for whatever is needed. He can drop a marker, shuttle equipment back and forth from shore or a boat, and if the diver preformed an emergency boyant accent he would be there to assist.
    In recovery mode we vitalize the divers prior to and after, like they do at a haz mat incident. We also do a neuro check after the diver is out.
    Everyone must wear a dry suit and full face mask also. Communications are used, with rope signal back up.

    If you need anything else please let us know.

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