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    Default My 2 cents..

    Me- I simply cant stand blue lights on a fire truck. It really
    makes me sick. As stated before, in California, a forward facing
    red ight is manadory by state law. And blue lights are
    reserved for law enforcement.

    Have you considered a solid red light on the front?

    Lastly, here is a FH link for you-

    Firehouse link

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    Default only true blue

    In Alabama, blue lights are reserved for police emergency vehicles only. Fire and EMS are allowed red, amber, and clear/white. I think we been over this before. Anyway, I think strobes would go good on the insides of the doors and could make things more visible. Also I think NFPA did what they did because amber lights have been tested to be more visible to drivers on the roadway. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that is it.

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    Lox, read my post about NFPA rules. This is NO rule stating you have to have amber anywhere at any time. You could do the WHOLE TRUCK in BLUE if you wanted to as long as it meets the requirements.

    I would NEVER put strobes in a compartment door. They are not going to last. Way too fragile for the abuse and banging around they will get. Plus you will need another power supply big enough to handle however many compartments you have, which will get expensive. Finally, do you know how annoying it will be fetching stuff from the compartment with strobes firing off 6" from your head? You'd be wasting your money.

    If you want to put anything on the compartment doors, I would use something very low amperage to make use of the existing compartment light circuit. If your going to do it, do it right and use LED's. Whelen TIR3's with a bracket are only about $65.00 and they do not require any additional flasher. Just 12v power and they have built-in selectable patterns. Either that or get the Par-36 round LED's which also have built-in flash patterns.

    All that said, I think you could accomplish the same thing with some white reflective tape... same stuff that is used for going around the body of most apparatus. The big stuff.
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    Excerpt from NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law:
    Section 375 (41)

    Blue light. One blue light may be affixed to any motor vehicle owned by a volunteer member of a fire department or on a motor vehicle owned by a member of such person's family residing in the same household or by a business enterprise in which such person has a proprietary interest or by which he or she is employed, provided such volunteer firefighter has been authorized in writing to so affix a blue light by the chief of the fire department or company of which he or she is a member, which authorization shall be subject to revocation at any time by the chief who issued the same or his or her successor in office. Such blue light may be displayed exclusively by such volunteer firefighter on such a vehicle only when engaged in an emergency operation. The use of blue and red light combinations shall be prohibited on all fire vehicles. The use of blue lights on fire vehicles shall be prohibited and the use of blue lights on vehicles shall be restricted for use only by a volunteer firefighter as provided for in this paragraph. Amended April 18, 2002.

    Pretty self-explanatory. My only indirect experience was a neighboring company putting a new pumper into service several years ago that had a blue light....they had to change the lens over to red.

    The only law enforcement agencies that run blue lights locally (Western NY) that I am aware of is the US Customs Service and Border Patrol that run combination red/blue lights...but they're Federal, not a NYS agency. There was a tussle a few years ago when the State Police wanted to start using blue lights or combo red/blue lights on their cruisers. FASNY and other volunteer organizations opposed it, and eventually it was agreed that blue lights would remain as volunteer fire only.

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    And, as stated in about a hundred threads, here in Louisiana only sworn law enforcement personel can have blue lights. But you probably already knew that.

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